Designing sets for ad films and TV shows

As a Production Designer, I collaborated with directors, cinematographers, costume designers/stylists, and producers to design sets and establish the overall look and feel of the film.

I translated storyboards and the director’s vision into backdrops that supported the visual storytelling of the film. I designed spaces based on the themes and emotional journey of the script and studied the characters and their different contexts to source and design props. My team was also responsible for prop continuity and support during the shoot.


Location: Mumbai, India

Duration: 3 years

Showcasing my professional work as an independent Production Designer for ad films and TV shows from 2013 – 2016.

(All images displayed are either screenshots of the actual film or on-set pictures taken by me)

Setting: A rustic but high-end Parisian cafe

Product: Britannia Chunky Cookies

Setting: Home wedding, bedroom, old-school living room & a farewell party

Product: Himalaya facewash

Setting: Retro cafe

Product: Himalaya toothpaste

Setting: A party street in Berlin

Product: Lenovo headphones

Setting: A tea shack in Leh and a veteran colonel’s home

Brand: Pepsi